Is Art Therapy right for me?

Do you have something on your mind?   Perhaps an unresolved conflict or something you wish you could manage better in your life.  Maybe there is something you are going through that seems hard to cope with, or perhaps you want to gain clarity about something before making an important decision.  

It’s all about you…. Art Therapy at Innersee Creative Counselling is a person-centred form of counselling.  This means that you will be able to fully investigate and explore at your own pace with no pre-planned agenda or schedule.  Your Therapist is there as a guide or companion to support and provide opportunities for you to gain understanding and make discoveries in a confidential setting.

Art Therapy is a counselling modality which uses art as a bridge or gateway to new ways of approaching an issue.  No skill in art is necessary.  There is no expectation to produce a magnificent piece of art. The emphasis is on the information you gain through the process. In fact, sometimes the product of a session can seem quite strange.  The Art Therapist understands which art activities might be most appropriate for you to fully express and explore.

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